You are probably wondering what shibui is. Shibui is a concept most usually used in the description of a form of Japanese art. It is used to describe something of an understated, highly refined elegance. The practical appearances of the concept of shibui involves the absence of clutter, plain backgrounds and planar surfaces. Perception of a subject might involve either completeness or incompleteness of the subject. Surfaces appear to have a subtlety of suggestion rather than an apparent one . Forms tend toward roundness or an absence of corners with a constant return to the subject. I really do not know if the images that I have placed under this category fit the parameters of shibui or not. I believe that it depends upon the observer of the image. I classify photography as an art form. I feel this qualifies photographic images to fall into the realm of other art forms such as painting or sculpting. When several people observe a painting or sculpture, they each may have a different opinion of what the artist was trying to convey.

If you agree with what I have tried to explain to you, then please enjoy the images that follow. If you do not agree then please enjoy these images however you perceive them.

Window Frost

Barbed Wire

Blue Water



Foam On Water

Circle Of Reeds

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