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Great Blue Heron

great blue heron

This large heron has a wing span of up to 70 inches. It can be found standing at the edge of a pond or marshy pool, watching for fish or frogs which are it's main source of food. They nest in colonies, bulding large platform nests of sticks lined with finer material.

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Mute Swan Preening

mute swan preening

This swan is found in the northeastern United States. It was introduced from Europe. It is commonly seen on ponds found in city parks, and sometimes in the wild.

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Male Spruce Grouse

male spruce grouse

The spruce grouse is very tame and easy to approach. They feed on needles and buds of evergreen.

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Male Turkey

male turkey

Male (Tom) in full display. In early spring the tom turkey displays to attract the hen (female) with hopes of mating. Only the top ranking tom (BOSS Tom) is allowed to mate.

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Great Egret Preening

egret preening

Formerly known as the "American Egret" "Common Egret" "White Egret" and several other names. Its official name in North American is now Great Egret.

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Wood Ducks Drake and Hen

drake and hen woodduck

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