My Dream



After leaving the military, I resided in southern California for 15 years. In 1973, I returned to my birth place in New York State.After working in many fields for years I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a freelance photographer. With the guidance and influence of a friend, a renowned nature and wildlife artist, combined with various photographic seminars and college courses, my dream become reality. An avid sportsman since youth, I now incorporate my love of the outdoors, knowledge of nature and my art background to create images in photography. To me photography is an art form. The photographer, like other artist, must first search out a subject, then visualize the composition which will compliment the subject. Then the photographer paints the film with the correct amounts of light and color to achieve an image which will arouse and hold the observer's interest.I hope that the images of nature's beauty which I attempt to recreate will affect the observer the same way it affects me as I capture that fleeting moment in nature.